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Experience the GentleLadies "In-studio" Dance Intensive! This workshop spans one to three days and emphasizes dance foundations and exploration. Learn from seasoned professionals with experience in music videos and tours, TV shows, and more!

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"It's a mentor the whole time you're taking class" - Tiffany & Co. Dance Studio

What's different about our intensive?

We cater to your studio's needs!  Let us know which styles you're wanting for your students, and we bring them to you. 

Ranging from:

  • Commercial Choreography

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz

  • Jazz Funk

  • Grooves

  • House

  • Freestyle

  • Contemporary

  • Contact Improv

  • Tap

  • Yoga

  • Ballet 

Collaboration is the driving force behind everything we do. Programs like LA Cultural Exchange have provided us the space to work with dancers from all over the world to provide a safe space where their needs are at the forefront. From fundamentals in dance to advice on the industry, we are excited to collaborate with you and your movers at our next GentleLadies Intensive. 

 " I love how each one of them are so different"

Check out some of our class footage below!

Want to contact us for a TGL Intensive, email us  We're excited to share with you!

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